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Stairs & Elvator in Senior living communities, does it matter?

When it comes to senior living communities, the presence of stairs and elevators can have a significant impact on the safety and well-being of residents over 65. Stairs pose a significant safety risk, especially for those with mobility issues, and elevators present their own set of challenges. It's important for senior living communities to carefully consider the accessibility and safety of their buildings to ensure the comfort and safety of their

residents, which requires regular maintenance check ups and tune ups and qualifying training and experience on the mechanics of an elevator.

If regular maintenance checkups are not done or done by someone who isn't professionally trained or educated, this can pose a problem. When touring facilities with elevators, you may want to ask a few questions and check some credentials. Although most elevators are safe and often necessary and do-able these are just some things to consider when looking and choosing the next steps in your life's journey in selecting the right senior apartments, independent Retirement community, or senior living Home.

No stairs for me when I choose my Independent Retirement Community sounds really good for the mere fact of not having someone living above me or above them.

Living in a senior living home or independent retirement community that is all on one level is a great option for those over 65. It eliminates the safety risks associated with stairs and elevators, making daily tasks much more manageable. Additionally, it ensures easy access to all areas of the community without any physical limitations. Many places in Yakima have great benefits, but they do have stairs and elevators. However, Peach Tree Retirement Center may be just the right place for those who prefer a cozy and quantity living environment with a country-like feel. It is nestled in a quiet residential neighborhood with a mini Orchard in the backyard, and it is all on one level with no stairs or long waits for an elevator. Overall, living in a senior living home or independent retirement community that is all on one level is a wise decision for those looking for a safe and comfortable living environment.

Thank you for reading this article, and please do reach out to Barbara, Your Senior Living Advisor at Peach Tree Retirement Center if you have any questions or need help on you Active aging Journey

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