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Ralph and Holly: the story of a timeless friendship

Updated: May 17, 2020

Friendships built between two people with a large gap in age are truly priceless. When Seniors living in retirement facilities the most unusual friendships can grow and flourish even when there is an age gap. Often stories are shared while visiting under a Peach Tree and sharing a cup of coffee while an elderly person shares a piece of living history with a willing and patient middle-age man. Nowadays it's rather unusual that you find the bonding of a 95-year-old with a 53-year-old who has very little in common with each other. Many retirement facilities you find a piece of history living within the lives of people who have built this country in the same way and very little interaction of the young or middle-age adults spending quality time in local senior places. When one encounters such a friendship building it is nothing short of moving in the heart!

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