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Choosing the Right Retirement Community for Your Needs

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

If you are in the market for a retirement community, it is important to choose a vibrant place with plenty of recreational opportunities. More Americans are staying active in their retirement years. A growing number of seniors are more health-conscious and recognize that an active lifestyle could prolong their lives. That's why many search for communities that match their lifestyles and goals for relaxed living. Here are some aspects to consider before making a commitment to move to a senior living community.

Community Activities

Many seniors enjoy golf, tennis, swimming, and walking. Any prospective retirement community should have easy access to such activities. Other seniors enjoy arts and crafts, board games, dancing, and organized activities. Taking part in social events can provide opportunities to make new friends. Research what kinds of social events are organized within the retirement community. Also, find out if the community has ample opportunities for residents to travel to theaters, museums, or shopping malls together. Parking is another important factor when choosing a retirement community. Most people enjoy having family and friends visit, so parking is a necessity.

Medical Care Facilities

Retirement communities should be easily accessible to emergency personnel. Know the location of the closest hospitals, doctors, ambulance services, and other personnel. You may wish to restrict your search to communities located near your preferred physician or other service providers. Any prospective community should have a formal emergency plan in place. In addition, check to see if the retirement unit has custom safety features, such as railings in the bathrooms and entrances.

Pet Policies

Pet policies are another feature to consider when investigating potential retirement communities. Some facilities will allow you to bring your pet to live with you while others will not. So if you have a pet you don't want to leave behind, you may be able to bring it with you. Many communities now recognize the health benefits of having pets. Additionally, a park or nearby dog walking area will benefit you and your animal companion, particularly if your pet requires daily exercise. Taking a walk each day will benefit both of you. Peach Tree Retirement Center is pet friendly and we have 4 acres of land for you to walk them on.

Churches, Libraries, Schools, and Transportation

Consider how close the community is to schools, sports facilities, and other sites that produce a large level of traffic and noise. Many people prefer to live in less congested, quiet areas during their later years. Also think about where the nearest libraries and churches are located, as well as public transportation. Ask whether the community provides its own transportation for residents. Some facilities have their own fleet of minivans and buses. It is extremely helpful for seniors who no longer drive and need to do some routine personal shopping. Peach Tree Retirement Center has transportation to take you shopping and to doctor appointments.

The Community

Current residents will give you a feel for their level of satisfaction with the community. Talk to them about their experiences and seek candid reviews of the amenities and staff. After all, it is important you feel confident that you have selected a retirement community that fits your personal needs and lifestyles. By taking the time to research multiple facilities, you will undoubtedly find a warm, welcoming facility. You will be able to build lasting friendships and gain the support you need to have fun during your retirement.

Peach Tree Retirement Center has built lasting relationships with a variety of retirement homes, assisted living, memory care, elderly care, Harmon Senior Center, and more. We are only a couple of miles from Yakima Regional Medical & Cardiac Center and Virginia Mason Memorial Hospitals and close to many physicians, eye care, and dental offices.

We understand that making the change for you and/or your loved one can be overwhelming and that is why we want to help you find a place that fits the lifestyle that you are accustomed to and deserve. For more information you can find us on Facebook;, YouTube, or the Yakima Herald News Paper.

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