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Building a Relationship with the Staff at Your Senior Community

When a loved one is getting ready to move to a senior community, it's important to know who will care for them. Building a relationship with the staff at your loved one's retirement community is a great way to stay connected and involved in their life.

Introduce yourself. Make it a point to introduce yourself to staff members and other residents when you're helping your loved one move in. Encourage the team members to keep in touch with you and to let you know if your family member needs something or if something changes that you need to know about.

Help the staff get to know your loved one. By visiting regularly, you have the opportunity to help the staff learn more about your loved one. Encourage your family member to share their history or talk about their hobbies.

Show interest in the team members. Don't make all of the conversations about your loved one. Showing a genuine interest in the staff members will help create connections. This can help both of you work towards your loved one's best interests.

Get involved in the community. Most retirement communities welcome family involvement. Volunteering can be a great way to build relationships with the staff and other residents.

Follow social media. Pictures that are posted can give you something to discuss when you visit your loved one.

Give a positive review. Social media is important. It may have been one of the ways you found your community. Help others find their future home by leaving a positive review on social media or other sites. It doesn't take very much time to leave a review, and it helps boost awareness of the community.

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