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Assisted Living Vs Retirement Community

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

It can be overwhelming to find a new living arrangement for yourself or an aging loved one, especially for those who are unfamiliar with the difference of senior living options.

To find the best fit, one must understand what types of housing and care facilities are available and the key differences between them.

Senior living vs Senior Care can range from Independent Living to Assisted Living.

Senior or Independent Living is the least restrictive that takes some of that mundane and often difficult task off your plate such as meal preparation, housekeeping, lawn care, maintenance, and in many cases come with onsite hair salons, exercise rooms, and more.

Within the range of choices of Senior Living, Retirement Homes, Elderly Housing, and Independent Living Communities you will find each offer some similar services and many offer ala-cart upgrades.

In the recent past, most facilities had on-site staff 24/7, however, if you find a place in this day and age that has that benefit, you may have just hit the jackpot, as this puts someone just down the hall from you or your loved one to help them navigate difficult situations at a very affordable price.

Most Independent Senior Facilities have emergency pull strings or some other device. Some may even employ a fellow Senior Resident who lives on-site to fill in that gap.

Peach Tree Retirement Center is one of the last Senior Living Facilities in Yakima, WA that staffs a professional on-site manager. Peach Tree is far from being Assisted Living but the services that are provided when you rent a private apartment in this community bring them into the running for comparability to assisted living in terms of services.

One of the many benefits of living at an Independent Senior Living Community/Center is that you chose if, when, and who provides your care in your private home and when it is needed. You won’t be stuck receiving that personal care with someone you chose not to.

Many Seniors chose this route for its flexibility and affordability.

The difference that assisted living provides is that they have care providers, a nurse, and social workers. Care providers may or may not be available in the evening. They follow the same protocol calls as an independent living community in emergencies which could lead to a call to 911 in the event of certain emergencies.

Living Spaces

Many assisted living places have co-op units and for an additional cost a private unit. Whereas Senior living Facilities residents have their own private apartments.

Assisted Living is certainly a viable option especially if one has a lot of medical needs. Beware of hidden costs in both Senior and Assisted Living that often come up and cost you more money after you have gone through the stress and hassle of moving yourself or your loved one in. Make sure that you ask about any cost that may occur if circumstances or needs change.

The main thing you want to do is find a place that you feel comfortable in. Some places are a bit older but are cozy and quaint and have been updated along the way. Some places are a bit fancier or upscale. Find the place that fits you or your loved one’s style of living during their lifetime, that way the place that you choose will quickly feel just like home.

Enjoy the journey and Senior Living is Family Style!

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