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7 Tips for Buying a Scooter for the Elderly

Updated: May 20, 2021

7 tips for buying a scooter include: 1) Is An Elderly Scooter A Good Idea?

2) How Many Wheels - 3 or 4? 4 wheel scooters are more stable. 3 wheel scooters are more prone to tipping over but can have a smaller turning radius. If the senior is planning to use the 3 wheel bike or scooter outside, a full-size 4 wheel scooter is a better choice. 3 wheel scooters may be adequate in a condo or senior living facility to get to/from different parts of the building where surfaces are all level. 3) Scooter Transportation Depending on where you live, you may wish to transport your scooter to an area where you will use it (ex. mall). In this case, you have several options: Public Transportation - Most buses allow scooters. Scooter Lifts - There are lifts that attach to the hitch of automobiles. This allows you to drive - if you are still driving - to an area and then take your scooter from there. Whether that be around the shopping center, grocery store, or downtown. 4) Storage You will need a place to store it that also has an electrical outlet to charge the batteries. Ideally, it will be covered from the rain/snow and out of view so it is less likely to be stolen. If you are worried about people stealing it, you can lock it up with a bike lock. Many condos have underground parking with electrical outlets at each stall. 5) Batteries Determine how far you will need to travel on a single charge and make sure you purchase an elderly scooter that can travel that far. There are different levels of battery capacities. 6) Awnings  If you plan on driving it outside and you live in a rainy/snowy area, it's a good idea to get an awning. It keeps you dry and warm. It's also nice to have in the sun as it provides shade. 7) Test Drive and Get Multiple Quotes Shop around to different businesses. Try out different makes and models. There is usually a good used market in most areas so once you know what make/model you prefer, look for used ones in good shape. It's important you have a salesperson show you how to operate one and take your time to become familiar with it. Take it slow.  Last but not least, get multiple quotes in writing. It keeps you organized and ensures you get an accurate quote from the salesperson.

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