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6 Questions to Ask if a Loved One Is in an Assisted/Senior Living Facility During Covid-19

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

1. Has anyone in the assisted living facility tested positive for COVID-19? This includes residents, care and support staff and vendors who may have been in the facility.

2. What is the assisted living facility doing to prevent infections? Ask the site manager to explain what practices they have in place to prevent COVID-19 from impacting the site and its residents. What precautions are in place to protect the residents?

3. Does the staff have personal protective equipment (PPE)- like masks, face shields, gloves and sanitizer? Are there dedicated washing stations? Are instructions for using the preventive measures well posted? Has the staff been trained to understand how to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

4. What is the assisted living facility doing to help residents stay connected with their families or other loved ones during this time? Will the facility setup regular times where residents can call family members and loved ones?

5. What is the plan for the assisted living facility to communicate important information to both residents and families on a regular basis? How are changes in policy that impact daily living being communicated to the residents and family members?

6. Is the assisted living facility currently at full staffing levels for essential services for residents? Are caregivers, aides and other workers available as needed during the ongoing challenges of preventing the spread of COVID-19? What plans are in place to make sure the essential needs of the residents are being met during a time of crisis?

For additional information on COVID-19 for Washington state residents, please consult the following link COVID-19 Washington State Information

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