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Summer Activities for Seniors

With Summer comes bright sunny days, but bright sunny days can bring dangerously high temperatures. This summer, find ways to stay cool while staying entertained.

Clean up the house. Did you miss spring cleaning, or could you just use a bit of a tidy-up? Hang out in the A/C and bring your house to a cleaner state.

Do arts & crafts. There are many benefits to doing arts and crafts. Whether it's painting, cross-stitch, collages, or sculpting, there's bound to be something you enjoy.

Play Games. Board games, card games, and puzzles are great ways to keep your mind engaged. A 2003 study actually showed a link between mentally challenging leisure activities and a lower risk of dementia.

Read a book. Books are something that can be enjoyed indoors or outside. If reading the small print is difficult, you can always opt for large print versions or even audiobooks.

Eat something cold. Did you know that July 21st is National Ice Cream Day? Nothing completes a hot summer day quite like ice cream.

Go for a walk. Take advantage of cooler morning and evening temperatures to get outside and get active. Just make sure to bring enough water.

Go for a swim. Swimming and water aerobics are great ways to stay cool while staying active. Additionally, water-based activities are usually low-impact, which is great for those with stiff joints or arthritis.

Peach Tree Retirement Center offers a variety of activities year-round. Whether it's crafts, movies, socials, or exercise, we've always got something to keep you busy.

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