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**Best of 2024 Yakima Heralds Readers Choice Winner for the past 5 Years is?**

Best of 2024 Senior Living Awards: Peach Tree Retirement Center Shines in Yakima

In the heart of Yakima, Washington, a community stands out for its exceptional commitment to senior living. Peach Tree Retirement Center has been recognized by the Yakima Herald's Reader's Choice as "The Best Senior Living Community in Yakima," as well as "The Best Retirement Community" and "The Best Employer" in 2024. This prestigious accolade, part of the Best of 2024 Senior Living Awards, reflects the center's dedication to creating a nurturing and affordable environment for seniors.

## A Haven for Seniors: Services and Amenities

Peach Tree Retirement Center is more than just a place to live; it's a community that cherishes its residents. Offering independent living, the center is designed for active, healthy seniors who seek a social environment without the burdens of home maintenance. With all units on a single level and beautifully appointed, residents can enjoy the ease of no stairs or elevators, ensuring their safety and comfort.

The center's homestead environment is welcoming and humble, with a genuine friendliness emanating from both residents and staff. The cozy country-like setting includes a mini orchard and a park-like atmosphere, perfect for those who appreciate nature's tranquility.

Residents can indulge in home-style meals prepared fresh and served three times a day, ensuring that dining is both a delicious and social experience. For leisure, there's no shortage of activities, from bingo and dances to a workout room and a church. The library, game room, and garden with fruit trees offer peaceful retreats for relaxation and hobbies.

## Ruth's Journey to Peach Tree Retirement Center

Imagine Ruth, a senior who found herself overwhelmed with the maintenance of her home and concerned for her safety as she aged. Her life's journey took a turn when she toured several assisted living facilities, life phases places, and retirement communities. None felt quite right until she discovered Peach Tree Retirement Center.

What set Peach Tree apart for Ruth was not just the beautiful setting or the array of amenities, but the genuine friendliness of everyone she met. The staff, management, and residents greeted her with open arms, making her feel immediately at home. The security checks and absence of stairs or elevators also addressed her safety concerns, providing peace of mind.

But perhaps the most significant factor for Ruth was the affordability. Peach Tree Retirement Center found a way to make living there fit her budget, allowing her to enjoy this new chapter without financial stress.

## A Community Recognized for Excellence

The accolades bestowed upon Peach Tree Retirement Center are a testament to its exceptional service and community spirit. Voted as 'The Best Senior Living Community in Yakima' and 'The Best Retirement Community & The Best Employer' in 2024, the center has clearly established itself as a leader in senior living.

Located near shopping centers and quiet neighborhoods, Peach Tree offers convenience alongside its serene setting. With studio and one-bedroom options, the center caters to a variety of preferences and needs, ensuring that every resident feels at home.

Peach Tree Retirement Center stands as a beacon of excellence in senior living. With its award-winning status in the Best of 2024 Senior Living Awards, it's clear that this community goes above and beyond to provide a fulfilling, safe, and affordable lifestyle for seniors. For those like Ruth, who seek a place that feels like home, Peach Tree Retirement Center is an optimal choice in Yakima.

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What a cute story! Love that Ruth found the place that she can now call home; Peach Tree Retirement Center! Also blown away by the fact that Peach Tree was voted the best senior living community in Yakima. Keep up the good work Peach Tree! 🧡

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