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Benefits of Seniors Getting Their Hair Done

When so many things in a senior's life are changing, one thing that can help is a sense of normalcy. Whether it's a sitting in favorite chair, eating a favorite meal, playing a favorite game, or even getting a haircut.

Here are a few benefits of regular visits with a hair stylist:

  1. Higher self-esteem. Getting a good haircut makes you feel fresh and gives you confidence. Researcher Sarah Liu led a study on how self-esteem relates to health. The research showed that lower-self esteem correlated with higher levels of cortisol. Having higher self-esteem could help prevent an increase in cortisol levels.

  2. A social environment. Seniors are more likely to be happier if they can spend a lot of time with friends and family. Being able to sit and chat with your hair stylist on a regular basis can be a great social experience. Additionally, for people with dementia, getting their hair cut and styled by a regular hairdresser can help bring back memories.

  3. Easier maintenance. As we age, our hair changes. A hair style that worked for you in the past might not work with your hair texture now, or you might not have the time in your day to style it like you used to. Either way, a new hairdo might be just what you need.

Here at Peach Tree, we have a wonderful salon on site. At Lil' Deb's Hair Salon, you'll always leave looking your best.

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