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Active Aging Trends for Seniors in 2023.

As we age, we all desire a relaxing and safe place to spend our golden years. Many active aging people are selling their homes and making the move to a retirement community sooner rather than later. This trend is gaining popularity as life-long friends who are ageing make the move to a retirement community at the same time to share their golden years together.

In Yakima, Washington, more and more seniors are choosing Peach Tree Retirement Center Senior Living Family Style as their new forever home. This community is located on 4 acres of land with a country-like setting and a mini orchard. One of the best things about Peach Tree is that there are no stairs or elevators, making it a perfect choice for seniors with mobility issues.

Peach Tree Retirement Community has been voted the best senior living place and retirement community in Yakima for the last 5 years and counting. If you are interested in learning more about Peach Tree Retirement Community, please call Barbara Ziegler.

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