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6 Myths About Independent Retirement

There are many myths surrounding independent living communities. With so many different options, you may be exposed to outdated information about independent living. At Peach Tree, we know firsthand that an independent retirement community is an amazing way to spend your retirement years.

Myth: You'll lose your independence.

Truth: Independent retirement communities like Peach Tree are designed for people who don't require much assistance in their daily life. As a resident, you're able to enjoy your hobbies and active lifestyle, while we take care of things like meals and home maintenance.

Myth: You can't keep your pets.

Truth: We adore your furry friends and would love to welcome them into our community alongside you! At Peach Tree, we know that owning a pet can be good for your health. Many of our residents are enjoying their life alongside their beloved pets.

Myth: Independent living is lonely.

Truth: While you might be moving farther away from your friends and family, they are always welcome to come and visit you, and you are free to come and go as you please. At Peach Tree, you can make new friends with your neighbors. We like to think of ourselves as one big Peachy Family.

Myth: You're too young to move to a retirement community.

Truth: It's never too early or late to start planning for your future. Independent living allows you to be free from home maintenance, cooking, and other household chores. You're young enough to live here!

Myth: Independent living won't feel like home.

Truth: Independent retirement offers multiple housing options. You get to bring your own furniture and decorations so you can really make your new place feel like home.

Myth: Meals are plain and unappetizing at independent living facilities.

Truth: At Peach Tree Retirement Center, we provide three home-style meals each day in our dining room. We encourage our residents to give us their favorite recipes. From bacon-wrapped meatloaf and honey garlic pork chops to tacos and shrimp alfredo, there's bound to be something you'll be looking forward to.

When it comes to selecting an independent retirement community, don't fall prey to falsehoods when the truth is better than you think! Enjoy your retirement with the stress-free living of a retirement community like Peach Tree. To schedule or tour or get more information, contact us today!

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